How to clean your social media profiles

Published on 10 November 2021
Last Updated on 10 November 2021
How to clean your social media profiles

In this article, we will discuss how we can keep our social media profiles clean using a free tool Social Media Cleaner.

Using Social Media Cleaner we can automate the process of clearing our social media profiles.

Why use Social Media Cleaner for clearing social media profiles

The reality is that hiring managers are looking at your social media just as thoroughly as your resume or cover letter. In fact, 45% of hiring managers use social media to learn more about potential candidates. Which means you want it to be just as pristine.

It just resources you might need to monitor by what method you post in other words what you share & with whom.

However clearing up your online image does not mean you need to modify everything regarding who you’re.

Here are important tips that’ll assist you proposition your optimum on-line self—without sacrificing your personality.

Social Media Cleaner Screenshot

Since next you have joined more than one platforms including IG, snapchat, linkedin & YouTube.

It may become more appropriate to automate the process of cleaning your social media presence by making use of a free tool called Social Media Cleaner.

I have posted pictures on FB of home parties just as soon I myself was seventeen, tweeted while struggling across university coursework.

Raged regarding characters being killed off in tv software programs.

I have moaned regarding on-line shopping that hasn’t arrived.

Provided that you are like me, you joined FB at around the age of thirteen & Twitter a few years later.

Such posts if seen by your hiring manager may reduce your chances of getting hired on a good job post.

Easy Social Media Cleaning Software

Social Media Cleaner is easy to use and free social media tool that can be used for cleaning your social media presence.

Amid the research for this post, I myself found & fell in love with Social Media Cleaner.

Social Media Cleaner tool helps us get rid of unnecessary posts which may not be appropriate to be shared on your social media profiles.

With the use of Social Media Cleaner it becomes much easier to clean your Social media presence.

Various tools provided in Social Media Cleaner Software

Social Media Cleaner is all in one tool that comes with various handy features that can help us automate the process of cleaning our social media profiles.

Given below is a list of some of the amazing software tools provided in Social Media Cleaner.

Social Media Cleaner Features

Cancel pending Facebook friend requests

Cancel pending Facebook friend requests helps end-users to cancel pending friend requests on Facebook.

Leave Facebook groups

Leave Facebook groups helps end-users to leave FB groups that they do not want to be associated with.

Un-follow Facebook friends

Un-follow Facebook friends helps customize your FB feed by unfollowing numerous FB profiles in one click.

Un-follow numerous Facebook groups

Un-follow Facebook groups help customize your FB bulletin feed by unfollowing numerous FB groups at once.

Un-follow numerous Facebook web-pages

Un-follow numerous Facebook pages, using this plug-in, an end-user may unfollow numerous web-pages liked by the end-user.

Un-friend inactive Facebook profiles

Un-friend inactive Facebook friends using this software tool end-user may detect & un-friend all profiles with a de-activated account.

Un-like numerous Facebook web-pages

Unlike numerous Facebook pages this software tool will assist an end-user to unlike numerous FB web-pages at once.

Unfollow all for instagram

Unfollow all for ig unfollow all for Instagram helps end-users to unfollow in other words follow everybody on

Unlike all tweets for Twitter

Unlike all tweets for twitter, helps you to automatically unlike all tweets on

Unfollow all followers for Twitter

Unfollow all followers for twitter, helps you to automatically unfollow everybody on

Use the sample links provided below which will help you in downloading Social Media Cleaner from their official website.

Closing thoughts

From above feature list it is clear that Social Media Cleaner comes with various useful features that can help us clean our social media profiles and keep our profiles as clean as they should be.

Thank you for reading this article! We hope that you have found this article useful!