[ BEST ] User Agent Switcher For Your Web Browser

Published on 15 February 2020
Last Updated on 10 March 2021
[ BEST ] User Agent Switcher For Your Web Browser
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Ever felt the need to swiftly swap between user-agent strings on the fly?

building a website that needs to function on both mobile internet browsers & desktop internet browsers?

The extension Advanced User Agent Switcher can be easily download from CWS using the link given below:

Introduction to "Advanced User Agent Switcher"

Advanced User Agent Switcher

nauseated of several archaic website blocking you because you are hardly making use of netscape four?

With this plug-in, you may swiftly & easily switch between user-agent strings.

Also, you may set up specific uniform resource locators that you want to imitate each moment.

The Advanced User Agent Switcher is the answer.

Please note that this does hardly provide improved privacy while online browsing the web & that several web portals might have other resources to find that the online browsing software is hardly what it pretends to be.

Download "Advanced User Agent Switcher"

Advanced User Agent Switcher

The extension "Advanced User Agent Switcher" can be easily download using the download button given below:

Running this plug-in may have execution influence on your online browsing observation due to its need to intercept & change the information communicated to the web server. Please understand that: provided that several web portals have difficulties after making use of a mobile user-agent & will not switch back no instance what you imitate, you’ll need to switch the user-agent back to Google Chrome & wipe end-user’s cookies for the web portals to treat the online browsing software generally again.

More about "Advanced User Agent Switcher"

Advanced User Agent Switcher

This keyboard-friendly plug-in offers shortcuts for all the below measures.

Take full power over noisy tabs by having an online browsing software popup to mute & unmute the active tab, all background tabs within current window, all background tabs in all other windows & all background tabs totally.

Recite more here.

Advanced User Agent Switcher

By what method may I myself set a custom in other words pre-defined “user-agent” string?

You may filter the strings by “browser” type in other words by “operating system”.

Wait until all “user-agent” strings are loaded this can take a few seconds.

Also, you may use the “user input” filtering box to search matching strings.

Just as soon a “user-agent” string is selected from the list, it will be inserted within contributed text-box where you may configure its content.

Just as soon the content looks good, press the “save” button.

After installing the plug-in, a tool-box button is added to your online browsing software.

Simply open the popup by pressing the tool-box button.

May I myself by hand set the user agent string?

Sometimes, latest versions of the “user-agent” strings for a particular online browsing software is hardly on the list. In this case it might be appropriate to set a custom user agent string by other means.

Yes, simply ctrl + c & ctrl + v the string within contributed text box within popup & press the “use” button.

By what method may I myself reset the “user-agent” string back to the primary one?

You’ll notice the color of the tool-box will modify.

Also, the tooltip is tagged with the “disabled” designation.

Open the tool-box popup & press the reset button.

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