How to find broken images on an HTML page

Published on 15 February 2020
Last Updated on 10 March 2021
How to find broken images on an HTML page
Image from Pixabay and Unsplash

In this blog post, we will discuss how we can find broken images on a specific HTML document.

We will solving this complex problem using a simple and free to use extension called: Broken Link Checker

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"Broken Link Checker" is a simple extension that has various amazing features that help us find broken images on a specific page.

"Broken Link Checker" can be downloaded using links given below:

What "Broken Link Checker" can do

"Broken Link Checker" can not only be used for finding broken images but it can also be used for finding:

  • broken videos
  • broken links
  • broken iframe elements


Above features make "Broken Link Checker" even more useful.

How to find broken images on a page

"Broken Link Checker" uses rule based detection mechanism for finding broken images on a specific page.

Broken Link Checker

This allows "Broken Link Checker" to automatically detect various broken images.

For making use of "Broken Link Checker" for purposes of finding broken images, all we have to do is add an appropriate rule that is designed for finding broken images on a page.

Such rule can be added as follows:

Adding a new image detection rule to "Broken Link Checker"

As displayed in the screenshot given above, we can add a new custom detection rule for finding broken images.

To add such rule, an end-user must follow following steps:

  • Click on extension icon
  • An extension popup will be opened
  • After extension popup is opened up, click on “Add a New Rule” button.
  • In the add a new rule dialog, selection the options that enable finding broken images.
  • Save the rule.
  • Click on apply changes and reload button.

That is all you might have to do to add a new broken image detection rule to the extension.

After such rules are added, it is easy to visit a specific page and see the rule applied in real time.

Once such rule is applied, it will do its work automatically and find appropriate broken images on specific web page.

Limitations of "Broken Link Checker"

Following are some of the limitations of "Broken Link Checker".

The extension is not capable of finding broken images on websites that make use of external URLs for hosting images.

Thank you for reading this guide! We hope that you have fonud this guide useful!